Choosing the Right Window

A common question that we get asked here at Everclear Windows and Doors is “what’s the best window?”.

With some probing, we usually find that the answer to this question is partially dependant on the needs and wants of the consumer themselves. However, there is a definite winner when it comes to modern design improvements – the aluminium double hung window.

The double hung window has advanced in design so much over these last few years, that it’s hard to pass up. Furthermore, aluminium double hung windows from Everclear Windows and Doors are one of the highest performing in Australia.

Imagine coming home on a sweltering day to a hot and sticky house; you approach the nearest window to let a cool breeze in, but you find that no matter how wide you open it, the hot air just doesn’t seem to leave, and that cool fresh breeze on the outside just doesn’t come in.

This is never an issue with a double hung window. You simply open the bottom portion depending on how much cool air you’d like to come in and you open the top to control how much hot air comes out.

Once you open the top and bottom of your aluminium double hung window, the hot air rises and leaves through the top and the cool, fresh air comes in through the bottom - rapidly cooling your house. Air movement within the home is just as important as the temperature, and with an aluminium double hung window, you’re in control of both these things.

That’s not the only great thing about the aluminium double hung window – it’s now become so advanced you don’t even need to go outside to clean it! Aluminium double hung windows from Everclear windows and doors allow you to actually clean the external portion of the windows from inside your home. This is due to a very unique “tilt sash” feature .

There have been many instances where the aluminium double hung is the perfect answer, especially when families are involved. Recently we had a husband and wife team come into our showroom with their 3 kids – they were looking for the perfect aluminium windows and doors for their “forever home”.

As soon as I showed them the series 463 double hung window system, with all its fantastic features.. as well as the ease of cleaning from the inside – they fell in love! Needless to say, they were so impressed that they didn’t even want to know about the other options. This saved both the husband and wife time which they were able invest in the other, more time-consuming parts of the process in building a great home.

In reality, if you’re looking for a window that:

• willl save time and effort on cleaning and maintenance • will let the cool fresh breeze in while moving all the stuffy, hot air out • is guaranteed to meet your required demands • has a great architectural design look

.. Then the aluminium double hung window is the right choice of window for you.

- Matt Krueger, Project Co-Ordinator.

If you want to know more about aluminium double hung windows, or have questions about your own aluminium window and door projects, I’m more than happy to help you out! (Even if it is just for research). You can get a hold of me here at Everclear on 1300 383 725, or you can even hop in to our showroom and have a coffee with me (27 Walker St, South Windsor, NSW 2765).

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